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A Therapeutic Massage is not just a ‘feel-good’ luxury item.

On the contrary, it is something everyone should have regularly if you want to stay fit and enjoy life longer. Science has now proven the irrefutable significance of touch in the health and wellbeing of humans.

A therapeutic massage relaxes in many ways – regardless whether your problems are physically or psychologically based. It raises your levels of energy and leads to an enhanced feeling of well-being.

It is common knowledge that stress is also a major cause of insomnia and everybody knows that pain keeps you awake as well. But not many people know that stiff muscles can prevent you from sleeping well. A good remedial massage will give you pain relive and relaxation. The benefits of massage are no secret, for centuries its soothing techniques have been used for relieving stress and improving blood circulation promoting relaxation and well being.

If you have sore muscles that need releasing or if you would just like a soothing 90 minute relaxation treatment with a foot spa, call us now on 0411 577 620 or click here to book your next massage.

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