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Excellent treatment for: Chronic pain, Gynecological, Menopausal and Fertility issues, Post surgery pain relief, Depression, Gut disorders and Migraine headaches

Most people find acupuncture extremely relaxing. While most new patients inevitably ask 'Will it hurt?' typically they find they are surprised by the level of relaxation and improved energy they feel. The needles used in Japanese Style Acupuncture are extremely fine, some as thin as a strand of your hair, the brief and sometimes intense initial sensation of the receiving the needle is caused by a dispersion of Qi (Chi) or blocked energy. It lasts less than a few seconds and rapidly replaced with feelings of relaxation and well being.

How Long Do I Have To Come For Treatment?

The duration of a course of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has to be assessed during your first consult and will depend on many factors including how long the illness has been there, how prevalent the problem is physically, how your body responds to Acupuncture and herbal medicine and the type of problem we are dealing with physically.

Some problems can be treated in a series of 6 treatments; some problems feel better after 1 or 2 treatments (such as many acute muscular-skeletal problems). For many chronic problems it may be up to three months or longer to see results but you should start feeling better within the first few treatments and most people report a greatly increased quality of life and ability to deal with stress that makes the treatments well worth persevering with. Most people look forward to their acupuncture session as it is deeply relaxing and often the highlight of their working week!

What Can Be Treated?

Acupuncture has been a healing modality for over 5000 years and has treatment protocols for almost every illness and ailment including though not limited to: Chronic and acute muscular pain; digestive issues; tension headaches; vertigo; low immunity and energy; fertility issues in men and women; nausea and morning sickness; anxiety; palpitations; menopausal symptoms. Peter is particularly skilled in relieving migraines, soothing chronic pain, balancing depression and anxiety, stabilizing hormones and promoting fertility and rectifying muscular-skeletal issues.

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